Tax-Smart Investing

Our Tax-Smart Investing involves analyzing your financial situation from a tax perspective. We help our clients focus on their objectives while utilizing tax-efficient investment strategies to minimize taxation. Tax-managed model strategies can offer our clients a strategically tax-efficient management approach to their taxable accounts and a broadly diversified portfolio.

Our tax-managed strategy seeks to limit the number of taxable events in our clients' portfolios-thereby minimizing the tax impact for investors. The potential of a tax-managed investment includes various components, tax-loss harvesting, selection of investments which produce qualified dividends,managing during a rising tax environment, reduction in capital gains distributions, and tax advantaged investments.

Nobody enjoys paying taxes and many of us would prefer to put this off for as long as possible. When it comes to investing, not only can you take steps to make that happen, but you actually have the opportunity to improve your investing results by doing so. Taking an active approach to tax management by utilizing strategies that have the potential to defer gains for as long as possible provides investors with greater flexibility in terms of when their gains may be realized and can lead to better after-tax investing outcomes. Kicking the can down the road can actually be a good thing.

LPL Financial and KMG Wealth Management does not provide tax advice but can work with your qualified tax professional to make sure they agree with the plan we develop for you. If you do not have a qualified tax professional, we can recommend a tax professional to you.

1    Dividend payments are not guaranteed and may be reduced or eliminated at any time by the company.